Why be static?

A Summer Side Table

Don’t be intimidated by redecorating. Christi (my sister and roommate) and I frequently change and rearrange our decor. We leave the furniture, switch around table displays, stack our favorite books, place pillows in new directions and on different pieces, create flower arrangement updates, and stash the old to appreciate a little something new (even if nothing is ever purchased). There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting something away because it can always be reincorporated during a different season. Keep in mind that clutter, contrary to many collectors beliefs, is not better.

It really helps to break up the monotony and bore of seeing the same things in the same places day after day and season after season. After all, nature changes constantly, why shouldn’t we? Allow yourself to brainstorm by sketching different displays or just simply trying new things. Possibly try a different approach, by taking pictures of different configurations and viewing them on a sideshow on the computer to see your ideas in a new perspective allowing you to further narrow down your ideas. A second opinion may help as well. Creativity has no bounds. Enjoy yourself, this shouldn’t be stressful.

View other photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ameubanks/


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