“Free Starbucks Coffee” and I’m sold!

Photography by Amanda Eubanks

One of my mothers favorite things to do is shop. And one of her favorite places to go, is the estate sale, found in the back of an antique store on the Belt-line. The attraction is not seen through a pretty window front or even experienced while browsing pleasantly displayed venues, but the sale is done warehouse style with things scattered and sectioned by price on folding tables. It is run by a very helpful pony-tailed man (who my mother is now on a first name basis with); he kindly offers to transport our purchases to an accumulative pile to be tallied at the end of our shopping. Rhonda, my mother, has taught me to not be fooled by the appearance of things and to instead dig, be choosy (but not too choosy), and to appreciate details. I am happy to say that a little dust, grime, dirt, wear, and tear can not keep me away from something as fun as recycling someone else’s forgotten belongings. I found that I just could not leave behind: a few teacups and saucers (miss-matched and well worn), antique picture frames and artwork, books, a black patent leather purse, an old silver tray with a maritime map, and a few other things. I was pleasantly surprised by the complementary Starbucks coffee and Krispy Kreme doughnuts (a Mobile obsession). I was thrilled to return to Auburn toting someone’s old that is now my new. As Rhonda always says, “You never know you need it, until you look.”


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