art + stationary = happy feelings

i absolutely love writing a little encouragement for a friend or family member and sending it snail mail style. i also like to color, paint, and play around with my own style of art. I don’t claim to be the most amazing artist or graphic designer there ever was (i’m happy being an amateur), but so far the combination of the two thoughtful ideas really creates satisfaction for the giver and the receiver. you should really try it sometime. you never know, you might make someones day a little brighter.

[for my most recent letter, I combined my VincentVan Goldfish (it’s a copy trimmed to size with a fresh signature) and a piece of pretty stationary and an envelope (it doesn’t match. it coordinates).]

Photography by Amanda Eubanks



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  1. mongoose1 on

    If you haven’t gone into a papyrus store recently, go to one and ask them about the book they sell on letter writing! I can’t remember her name but I think both her first and last name started with an S. Sarma or something?

    It’s a wonderful book on the art of writing all types of letters. I think you’d like it and their stationary is so wonderful as well. 🙂

    I love writing letters on nice think sheets of stationary.

  2. ameubanks on

    I don’t think we have one of those stores in the area but maybe I can find it online. Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to look her up!

  3. ashley on

    another way cute idea!!


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