“If I had a hammer. I’d hammer in the morning. I’d hammer in the evening. All over this land…” – Peter, Paul, and Mary

[Watch this Ellen clip (/buy her dvd) and my title might make you smile: it’s the ending to her “Here and Now” stand-up]

Well, I don’t find that I need a hammer very often, but I have been using my new miniature Black and Decker screw driver. I have hung a wonderful new shelf in my bathroom. I found this piece for under $10 at an antique mall called gidget’s (click for directions) in Opelika, AL. I love the look and added height of a small stack of books which I topped off by a playful little iron bug ($2). The candle doesn’t look like anything special, but it actually smells quite heavenly. I chose to buy gidget’s most popular candle, cupcake. I really do love a new addition to an unfinished room.

Photography by Amanda Eubanks


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  1. christi on

    you’re getting good at this blogging thing, kid. i’m so proud.

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