eight things meme:

I have been linked by Christin Eubanks. She was tagged by Robert French (who was also kind enough to mention me in a previous post). As a new blogger, I’ve never done a meme, but it looks like fun, so here goes….

I enjoy a bizarre combination of things in life. Here are only eight of the things in no particular order:

1. I enjoy being outdoors. I enjoy it so much that I have become incredibly involved in a club here at Auburn University that is devoted to many things associated with being an active me and the skimnature appreciator. I also volunteer countless hours at our newly constructed AU Challenge Ropes Course. The Outdoor Adventure Club (aka: the OAC) was started only one year ago here at the University by Drew Nelson, who for the second year is president. I am vice president (beginning this year), and I am extremely excited about our growing club and more exciting and extreme adventures. We begin the year with a Labor day/weekend trip to West Virginia where we plan to camp, rock climb, rappel, and raft the New River. Of course, we will not neglect our school spirit (especially not for the season opener); we are packing the generator and tv and will be loyal fans: eating, cheering, and tailgating on our camp site in West Virginia.

2. I have a love for things that are incredibly spicy, including (but not exclusive to): Tabasco sauce, wasabi, jalapeños, peppers, chili flakes, and horseradish.

3. I can grab my ankles bending over backwards. I always wanted to be in the circus, but I just had to settle for high school cheerleading instead. I also wanted to be a dolphin trainer at Sea World, but being in front of crowds makes me shake like a Chihuahua.

4. Speaking of Chihuahuas. I, like my sister, mom and dad, also am obsessed with a certain 3.8 pound chihuahua named Lulu, who we rescued from the woods behind our house. I could never exclude the Boxer if I me and the collegiate chihuahuamention the chihuahua. Tiger is also a love of my life. He has a graying face, floppy ears, a velvety brindled coat, and a stubby little tail. I do not claim to be a Cesar Millan (the most amazing dog mind reader there ever was) or anything, BUT I will take credit for training Tiger to open and close the back door by pawing at our lever handle and then pouncing the door after a stern voice command. Yes, there are cooler dog tricks, but like most pet lovers, we claim that ours are the most wonderful things that ever walked, sat, twirled, barked, and ran on the planet.

5. I love appreciating our beautiful Emerald Coast. Growing up in Mobile, I was near the bay, sailboats, pelicans, fresh seafood, hot weather, a little backyard lake, sweet tea (on the rocks), and the beautiful Pensacola Beach and surrounding area. I dream about my younger years full of sea kayaking, flirting with amateur surfers, too much tanning, trips with friends, and sandy tuna sandwiches. my dorm view O how things change when you move away to college and life on the plains.

6. I am absolutely fascinated by all things design. I love learning about green building, designing room layouts, studying the construction process, sketching interiors, positioning furniture, exploring color psychology, looking at magazines, searching for new inspiration, reading about different designers, and becoming more well-rounded in order to better prepare myself for the future.

7. I also enjoy art. I love brainstorming about art, doing my own sketches, creating new designs, being inspired by dead crazy people, discovering random living artist with true passion and creativity, and trying new mediums. I haven’t had too much experience as far as art classes, besides my wonderful high school art teachers Mrs. Marsha Bradley and Mrs. Dawn Manning. Art for me is about trying new things, never becoming too critical of something that has not been completed, and not limiting personal creativity. Honestly, I have always been a little jealous of my sister‘s ability to create realistic almost photographic pieces of art. We have quite opposite techniques, but I have grown to notice and appreciate both personal styles, and I am understanding more and more, the complexities of everyone’s differences.

8. I love college and like my favorite game day button reads, “My Heart [truly] Belongs to Auburn.” I have three more years left and currently I am a third year Sophomore in the interior design program. my game faceYes, I am intimidated by long nights in design studio and overwhelming design projects with teachers that could bring a military drill Sargent to welling tears, but it’s not just about my major or the classes. College is (for me) about learning and preparing for the future, sponging up new ideas and developing a personal style, getting away from your parents (but calling them everyday and reminding them of how much you love them), making friends with people you would have never discovered before, letting your parents pay for health insurance (among other things), stepping out of your comfort zone, learning what type of person you truly want to be, doing things for yourself (and your room mate, regardless of their reciprocation &/or appreciation), teaching yourself to iron, cut your own steak, wake up on time for 8 am class, and sort laundry, finding what you truly value in life, and enjoying your youth and getting rid of your teenage status. I believe in Auburn and I LOVE IT!


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  1. Cate Stilwell on

    I love your blog and your creativity. Looking forward to seeing more sketches.

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