Project #1: Auburn University Interior Design Coursework

Amanda M. Eubanks

Assignment summary:

– 14″ x 16″ Bristol board with a 1″ line border

– medium: graphite

– render 3 views of the same object exhibiting parallel perspective qualities

– one in one point perspective

– two in two point perspective

– render object above, on, and below the horizon line

– do not erase drafting lines

– dramatically emphasize depth with line weight

Note to viewer: After the completion of project 1, our studio was instructed to redo our drawings, following peer and Peek critique. Some much need adjustments were made; Improvement was necessary and criticism was needed and helpful. This is my second rendering for Project 1, hopefully, a better version than the first.

Criticism is embraced; this is absolutely not perfect. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions on improvements or changes in composition. Like Peek always says, “It’s like getting help changing a flat tire,” because if you don’t know how, then you shouldn’t be offended by someone taking the time to be honest, helpful, and genuine. Radical honesty is the best kind, liars don’t help society.


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  1. Cate on

    Wow……to an outsider, this is just amazing!

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