2008 & I survived:

Christmas Party

This past semester brought with it the hardest and most challenging work of my college career. My design teachers expected more, graded more tediously, and required complete dedication (that means don’t make plans for the weekend). Fortunately, the hard work payed off, and I was completely thrilled with the grades that I finished with. I have never learned so much in such a small time frame. Interior design has consumed a large percentage of my time, it has been my focus, taken all my energy, and consumed my thoughts. In addition to school, I have been working as a personal assistant to an interior designer (yes, she is NCIDQ certified and an Auburn INDS alum). It’s hard to say which I have learned more from school or my job, but balancing both has been challenging but (from what my dad tells me) worth it.

Now that it is officially 2008 and a bran new year, I am ready to take on new challenges, and learn to re-balance my life and situate my schedule. I’m expecting an equal or greater amount of design work, and I’m taking on more hours and responsibility with my job. I am certain about only a few things this year:

1. June 6th I will officially be a legal adult.

2. I will work my hardest regardless of how much sleep I may loose or tears I may shed.

3. I will visit my sister in New York (for the first time!).

4. I will (most likely) continue to call my mom crying about how stressful and cruel life can be.

5. Start learning Italian and doing research for my Spring 2009 semester abroad.

6. Occasionally sing out a familiar tune: “I don’t wanna study!” (Chris Patterson taught me that one)

7. Thank God daily for the opportunities, support from friends, love of my family, and the many blessings that He has given me.

8. Learn a lot, work a little more, eat, sleep (hopefully some every night…or at least most nights), exercise, and maybe a little fun every so often.

Wish me luck!

Rhonda, Christi, and I united for the Holiday!


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