Out with Chili Pepper Red and in with…the new color of 2008!

suggests dependability and magic

Pantone’s newest color of the year! Check it out. This is very exciting for all of the design world. We’ll be seeing it everywhere… or will we? You make the call. Read the article. Apparently, green has been run into the ground. David Shah, a clothing maker and a forecaster based in Amsterdam, thinks: “Color is now seen as an item of luxury.” He admits that the fashion industry may be taking a back-seat to other types of designers and their influence on seasonal color decisions, “The architects and the furniture designers are the new sexy ones.” I concur.


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  1. Abby C on

    Ooooh, this color is strong and threatening and a difficult one to match at that. I am looking forward to seeing what the designers and creative people of this world will do with this color. Happy New Year from http://www.rugsdoneright.com — find the colors of 2008 in their wide selection.

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