KaarsKoker = Dutch for candle sleeve

Pop the color!

You love your beautiful old chandelier. Whether you inherited it in the house you bought or apartment you rented, purchased it from an antique market, or saved for the one you’ve had your eye on for years, it embodies the timelessness and class you adore. Except for those hideous white plastic tubes that draw the eye right from the illumination south to their blah presence.

Now, there’s a solution. Just launched, kaarsKoker, Dutch for “candle sleeve,” unveiled an array of new replacement sleeves that come in a variety design options from houndstooth to peacock to skulls to simple stripes and solids, and cost $12 – $23 per pair. That’s right, you can transform a single chandelier for under $45! At this price, it’s easier to change according to season, feeling, or evening than throw pillows, changing what was ordinary into extraordinary.

Each kaarsKoker is available in candelabra diameter and in 4” and 6” lengths, which can be easily shortened to accommodate custom lighting. A standard, or Edison diameter, will be available later this year. kaarsKoker was developed by April Pride Allison, interior designer and founder of aPa Company. Ms. Allison brainstormed the idea two years ago when, through her design business, she found herself ordering a variety of styles of light fixtures for clients – all with the same standard white plastic sleeves. “I knew that all of these fixtures could be made more beautiful and personal so I began to mock-up custom sleeves for some of my clients—everyone loved them,” says Ms. Allison. “My idea really resonated when I saw an exquisite $90,000 Baccarat crystal chandelier that came standard with the same plastic candle sleeves. That’s when I truly believed that there was a market for this.”

Purchase your kaarsKoker online at http://www.kaarskoker.com.


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