Italy Events Research Jan-May

Carnavale in VeniceItaly has a grand array of events while we will be in town. I have made a listing that includes an extravagant assortment of activities and annual events. These include feasts, celebrations honoring patron saints, live music festivals, outdoor carnivals, street rituals, costumed characters, decorated floats, reenactments of historical events, spectacular dances, operas, plays, and much more. I think many of these events would be worth taking time to experience, in order to appreciate Italian culture.

Check out this video [Fun site to explore]

This is a list of a compilation of festivals and interesting events featuring performing arts & found throughout Italy from January-May {including where they are held}:


San Sebastiano in Mistretta: 20 Jan 2009 {Mistretta}

Dante’s Hell: 1 Nov 2008 – 6 Jun 2009; Thu, Fri, and Sat only {Salerno}


Sagra Del Mandorlo: 1st Sunday in Feb {Fiore}

Equilibrio: 6 – 24 Feb 2009 {Rome}

San Corrado in Noto: 19 Feb 2009 (annual) {Noto}

Carnevale: 13-20 Feb 2009 {Vinice}

Sa Sartiglia: Sun & Tuesday before lent {Oristano}


CioccolaTO’: 3 – 15 Mar 2009 {Turin}

International JTB Hip-Hop Trophy: 28 – 29 Mar 2009 {Fiuggi, near Rome}

Florence Tango Festival: March 2009 {Florence}


Easter in Palermo: 10 – 12 Apr 2009 (annual) {Palermo}

Dance of the Devils: 5 – 12 Apr 2009 (annual) {Prizzi}


Fabbrica Europa: May 2009 {Florence}

May of Monuments: May 2009; Fri, Sat, and Sun only (annual) {Naples}

Palio Della Balestra: Last Sunday in May {Gubbio}

Ciclo di spettacoli classici: mid-May-mid-Jun {Syracuse}


Italy: Lonely Planet guide 2008


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