It might be better…

From Ariccia

me and SBJ (my interior design friend)

Just as a little FYI: no internet access in the Palace residence quarters, something about they can’t find the phone line. This is both good and bad.

Good: I have a list of things to do that don’t require the internet
List of things to do (these are silly but very important):
1. Learn to cook delicious pastas (from everyone)
2. Learn to booty dance (from Pavey) NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
3. Learn Italian (Rosetta Stone & Rick!)
4. Find a Italians to practice with (We no longer have the hotel staff to harass)
5. Watch movies that I haven’t seen (Gretch has a good collection)
6. Learn card games (from Lauren) CHECK & LOVE THEM
7. Learn to make Italian caffe – it’s way better! (from Jenny & Gretch)
8. Try not to eat peanut butter for every meal (I get cheap & lazy some days)

Bad: I’m out of touch with people back home that I love. On week days I can check email in the classroom when we aren’t on field trips. Just know that I love you guys and I’m having a wonderful wonderful time playing pretty pretty princess Chigi with the girls.

But it’s ok because….
1. I’ll be home soon & have a little break before school starts
2. I’ll tell you all about it when I get back
3. I’ll get to see you in person and I’m better in person than through silly blog posts…reading is over-rated
4. It will give me something to look forward to, because I’ll for sure miss this place
5. You want me to have a full cultural experience & you would hate for me to be distracted by internet capabilities.

P.S. Check out my pictures


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