Spring Break Italia 2009 = Rome + Florence + Venice

From Spring Break 2009!

I had such an amazing spring break with Rhonda, Norbert, and Christi. Lulu sadly didn’t make it to this family vacation but she would have loved the gelato. Thank goodness for gelato too because we made at least two stops daily! (My favorite flavor is pear with chocolate chips from Grom…lucky for you, it’s a chain, you may get some in other places other than Florence….it’s amazing!)

My favorite part of Spring Break was sharing everything that I love about Italy and telling all of my stories about adventures so far with mom, dad, and Christi. Loved getting to see Christi’s ring too.

I’m especially excited that dad got to finally see the Sistine Chapel and Florence (on a day when things were open. The weather was great. It was a little cold in Venice, but if it was too wonderful, it would have been so much harder to leave.

I know that sometimes it’s hard to feel comfortable in a place so far away from home with people who speak a different language, but I am so impressed with how well everyone adapted to all of the walking, the time change, the culinary differences, and the cultural variations.

Mom was so kind to me because she brought me granola bars, peanut butter, and other silly things that I requested. They also brought along the Rick Steve’s guides for everywhere that we went, which was a great idea. I’ve probs. eaten too much peanut butter since I’ve been back. I’m the worst at going grocery shopping and it’s just so easy to put on anything from crackers (stolen from breakfast at the hotel), cookies (also jacked), granola bars (mom brought), and spoons (IKEA one’s that are new). Maybe that’s TMI but luckily I like Nutella, so I can change it up sometimes. You never know though, maybe I’ll learn how to cook while I’m here 🙂

Once I got back to Ariccia, I got life unpacked in our new housing facilities, the Chigi Palace….It’s sort of a big deal. Yeah, it’s way cool. I’ll put up some pictures later on my picasa account.

This was a short excerpt from my email to my parents after I got back to Ariccia, it’s silly but I thought they would like it….

You now will appreciate….
1. The consistencies of potties, TP, & Flushing devices
2. The lack of Indian flower men
3. No gypsies
4. Regular sized shrimp with your fluffy white gouda grits
5. The dollar
6. French fries on all menus
7. BBQ (I’m going to need some Mike & Eds on the way back to Mobile!)
8. English being the language of choice
9. No harassing street vendors that “make you good price” or “almost free” or maybe “shop in back, come see my shop”
10. Your shower head complete with hot water
11. Lots of ice to swirl in your big cup (with or without a straw) with your coke of choice
12. Having your very own very small Chihuahua to share your ice cream with sitting on your “free of charge/no cover charge) grande size sofa
13. Your very own big bed with no crack down the middle
14. The money you spent on sending me here to study, explore, & enjoy such a unique and vibrant country.

But you may miss….
1. Obviously the amazing gelato
2. Cheap & yummy wine
3. The gnocchi
4. The Grinch like pistachio cookies from Venice or the amazing pastries around every corner
5. David’s dick (I can bring back suvs if you need a reminder) hahahah
6. The emergency pull cord in the bathroom…easily confused with the flusher
7. The mythology & history behind everything
8. Rick Steve’s guidance on lunch and dinner options
9. The song “I kissed a girl and I liked it,” playing everywhere
10. Riccardo, our very own Jack Russell guide to Venice
11. Romulus, Remus, & the She-wolf symbol
12. Croissants and sweets for breakfast
13. ME!!!! too! BUT thank goodness you can kiss that Chi’s apple head for us!


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