Can I please work for google… for even just one day!

Watching the Extreme Workplaces episode on the Travel Channel was a great opportunity to see spaces that were unique and conducive for supporting creativity. These companies realize the importance of their employees and they put the money into creating environments that encourage over all well-being. I obviously liked Google the best because of their Mt. View, California based offices. The “GooglePlex” offers (this is only a few examples): resistance lap pools, four fully stocked gyms (complete with personal trainers), outdoor eating spaces (with summer time grilling), a diversified food court (free of charge), coffee bars (not your regular pot of coffee), massages (free on your birthday), an in-office doctor, sleeping pods, laundry rooms, plug-in efficient cars (for on-the-job trips), and so much more. The workers are happy, healthy, and productive. Google is a wonderful combination of work and play. Creativity and the efficient application of innovation are vital to our economy and culture. Welcome to a new way of thinking and a new form of balance.

Check out more on how awesome google is! Google’s is the largest single corporate solar installation in the world


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  1. alexanderpf on

    If you do end up working there, even if it is just for a day, please put in a good word for me!

    • ameubanks on

      Not a problem I’ll be glad to, and I’ll keep dreaming big.

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