SIDE HOTEL: Sensational

I’ve decided that research for my classwork and blogging has to overlap and intertwine this semester.  I’m a student in interior design working on my last year of design school at Auburn University.  We are beginning to work on our senior thesis project which is a project in conjunction with the Auburn Hotel and Conference Center here in Auburn, Alabama.  I’m doing some interiors research and there are great things going on in the hospitality industry.  It’s very exciting.

I couldn’t look past the “Side Hotel” in Hamburg, Germany.  It was completed in 2001 with Alsop Stormer as the architect and Matteo Thun as the interior designer (he’s from Milan, one of my favorite places for design research).  It is situated in an area with little personality, but as seen in these pictures, it has many pops of color and interest found throughout it’s interiors. Matteo Thun discribes his concept for this boutique hotel’s interiors:

“Every ambiance is a made-to-measure atmosphere, worlds of sensation with the highest degree of individuality.  We wanted to create a hospitality that can be experienced through all the senses.  Sensuality through pleasure for the senses.”

Check out more about the Side Hotel.


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