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Healthcare Design

I am currently in my senior thesis studio focusing on Institutional Design (in the interior design program at Auburn University).  We are designing a woman’s and children’s hospital.

In doing research, I have found inspiration through the partnering of Parsons The New School for Design and Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects on their Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC).  Below is a series of images that inspire me to create a hospital that supports human healing through a connection to nature and daylighting.  Find out more.

“The goal of the students’ work was to inspire options for chemotherapy suites for patients in a satellite outpatient center in Brooklyn.

“The goal for Parsons was to challenge the roles that interior designers can play in contemporary society by shaping the physical, emotional, and psychological experience for patients in ways that empower them.” _ Staff — Interior Design, 1/12/2010

Eric Malave: Waterfeature

Tracy Ong: Treatment Center


Delightful Wedding Invitations

Even though the wedding bells aren’t in my future,  Ello There makes my favorite invitations.  So clever! I absolutely love etsy.

This is some of the great things about them:

“We are one of Martha Stewart Weddings favorite Etsy sellers:

We print on a wind powered press.

We are offering free rounded corners on all invitations, if you like. ”

Feels good to be published…

I am  honored to be published in Auburn University’s Circle Magazine. I had three photographs from my travels abroad and five perspectives published in the Fall 2009 issue. Click below to see them all…

From Movies

Daily Learning

Learn Something Every Day is a daily project by UK based design studio Young.

Peter Gee : Screen Printing

Peter Gee

Fish Sketch

Amanda Eubanks

Amanda Eubanks

Another reason to love MoMA

Jim Lambie @ MoMA (Museum of Fine Arts)


chair exam
• digital art, size: 11″x17″
• printed on 80 lb paper in matte finish
• ready to be framed
• hand signed and dated
• ships flat

Only $35 in the US

Buy it here!

ALSO…..If you love chairs like I love chairs you might be a Chairwhore fan. Check it out.

Why i design…

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”

–Mary Lou Cook

Droog New York = Awesome

Check it out! They have awesome products and cool showcases.