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Window Farms : The Solution to Greens & Gardens in the City

Check it out! Build your own. Listen to the NPR segment about window farms. Watch a Video about the vertical agriculture movement of Window Farms.

What are Window Farms??

Window Farms are vertical, hydroponic, modular, low-energy, high-yield edible window gardens built using low-impact or recycled local materials.


On the Road to LEED GA…

Photography: Eric Laignel & Envision

The collage above features photographs of the USGBC headquarters in Washington D.C. designed by Envision Design.

I am currently auditing a LEED class through Auburn University’s interior design program.  My goal is to register, study, and pass the LEED GA examination by the end of June 2010.

While researching the U.S. Green Building Council, I have become fascinated and inspired by their Washington D.C. headquarters, designed by Envision DesignMetropolis Magazine (June 2009) has made a very interesting case study out of the headquarters in Ultimate Client.  This article explores the intention and implementation of adapting reuse, local sourcing, and efficient use heating, cooling, and lighting.  The article gives graphic representations, explanation, and excellent photography of the completed space.  The USGBC headquarters is “the first commercial interior slated for Platinum under the organization’s revised certification program [ LEED 2009 Commercial Interiors]”.

Check it out: Ultimate Client

“The true sex appeal, of course, is in the
furnishings and finishes—the details
that make 2101 L Street the temple of
green design Fedrizzi so lusted after.”

Metropolis Magazine : The Ultimate Client : June 2009

eBARRITO : A Store Made of Cardboard

Designer : Francesca Signori in Milan

“eBARRITO is a green-thinking brand that specializes in bags and leather accessories with100% Italian quality – its ecological integrity extends right through – even to how its sales outlets are built! They are made from specially carved and shaped cardboard.  The new eBARRITO stores consist of modular, double-pressed cardboard walls equipped with wavy-style shelving – an  effect achieved with interlocking tubular sections and modular lamps resembling bird-cages.

A fresh new ethical style with a strong visual impact created by the designer Francesca Signori for the Milan-based brand.

eBARRITO is full of hope for the future –  its new ethical approach and world made up of perceptions and sensations.”


View the eBarrito website. (awesome background music too…parlo l’italiano??? tutto va bene.)

Recycled & Illuminated

Chumbo Lit PlanterCHUMBO-lite-PLANTER3

Manufacturer: Sage Design

24”x24”x14” square
18”x18”x18 square

Plant Size: 1 to 2 Gallons
100% Post industrial and Post consumer regrind recycled plastic.
Light fixture included.

Finish/Color: 20 standard colors. Custom colors are available.


Rotoluxe Planters

Want to learn more about green building?

Watch this! She does feng shui also. It’s interesting.

I heart “The first hotel with a conscious” = Good Hotel

Seeking out the “good in us all.”  Good Hotel is located in San Francisco, California.  I discovered this eco-friendly hotel while researching my senior thesis project for interior design.

The Good Hotel is a hip San Francisco hotel that practices philanthropy and believes in doing good for the planet. The eco-friendly hotel décor features reclaimed and recycled construction materials. Vending machines in the lobby are stocked with wallets made from FedEx envelopes and are one example of our inventive ideas to promote a good lifestyle. We are also as fun as we are inventive. You’ll find humorous touches like “Be Good” written on walls of your room.”

Doc1-1Not only that but I also discovered that it gets even more unique because it offers: “Good Pizza, located at the Good Hotel, has a philosophy as simple as its name: serving artisan thin-crust pizzas made with the freshest local ingredients.”

Just when you think : that’s good enough…there is more… “ Take one of our resident bicycles for a spin -they are free to use while you stay with us.”

AND you can take your best furry friend!

Find out more…the good just keeps on getting better.  So Refreshing!

New York’s Highline Park – Now Open

This week the highly anticipated High Line Park in NYC opened to the public for the first time. We were super excited to be on the scene for a sneak peek of new elevated park, which was built on the remains of an abandoned rail system in New York City. Check out our video of the new High Line, with exclusive interviews of the architects including Lead Designer James Corner of James Corner Field Operations and architect Ricardo Scofidio of Diller Scofidio + Renfro who made this stunning new park possible. Enjoy!

– Inhabitat

Can I please work for google… for even just one day!

Watching the Extreme Workplaces episode on the Travel Channel was a great opportunity to see spaces that were unique and conducive for supporting creativity. These companies realize the importance of their employees and they put the money into creating environments that encourage over all well-being. I obviously liked Google the best because of their Mt. View, California based offices. The “GooglePlex” offers (this is only a few examples): resistance lap pools, four fully stocked gyms (complete with personal trainers), outdoor eating spaces (with summer time grilling), a diversified food court (free of charge), coffee bars (not your regular pot of coffee), massages (free on your birthday), an in-office doctor, sleeping pods, laundry rooms, plug-in efficient cars (for on-the-job trips), and so much more. The workers are happy, healthy, and productive. Google is a wonderful combination of work and play. Creativity and the efficient application of innovation are vital to our economy and culture. Welcome to a new way of thinking and a new form of balance.

Check out more on how awesome google is! Google’s is the largest single corporate solar installation in the world

Hello to you Mr. Naked

Yes, it is more Milan Design Week stuff. Yes, I do realize that it was a while ago now, but I just keep running into great pieces (and Italy is my second home).  This one reminds me of a friend.  It has great personality.  It’s easy to ship and treads lightly on the earth too.  Way to go Outofstock at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan in April 2009!

Naked Chair A chair made of solid beech and folded sheet steel, it can be described as naked because the chair’s structural frame is revealed in the seat and backrest, flaunting its construction as its principle aesthetic. The intention was to dematerialise the chair and present it in its elemental state. The chair’s strength derives from the action-reaction forces between the folded steel sheets and beech wood frame. The Naked Chair flat packs in transportation, resulting in a low carbon foot-print.

Tree Hugger Chic Ready to Hit the Beach

“Kelly B Couture’s Valentina Bikini halter top and bottoms, with their thick green side straps, create a slimming affect and do not cut into your skin like itsy bitsy string bikinis; no muffin tops here. Made with 90% organic cotton and 10% spandex, this suit is made entirely in the USA with fair trade practices.” LOVE IT! HAPPY MEMORIAL WEEKEND!