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Droog New York = Awesome

Check it out! They have awesome products and cool showcases.


Fields of Clover : Fine Lighting

Name: Living in Cloverlauren light

Designer: Jason Ong

Company: driadeKosmo

Why I like it: This lighting fixture is pretty, feminine, & versitile.  It can go so nicely in many different settings. It’s an Italian company.  I love Italian design. See their flagship showroom.

don’t sleep dream = bel disegno de italiano [beautiful Italian designs]


Photography by Amanda Eubanks

– “Non Dorme, Sogna” translates from Italian into English as “Don’t Sleep, Dream.” I love it! Props to Plinio il Giovane.

– If you choose to check out their blog/site. Don’t let the Italian intimidate you.  Check out pictures and if you get stumped try this.

– I like the light in the window, “Riedizione lampadari”  [Reproduction Chandeliers]. They produced this in a limited series of lamps in American pine wood, hand built by Antonio Asnaghi designed by Mauro Bolognesi.  These lamps are inspired by the Scandinavian 50’s.

– Check out Mauro Bolognesi to see other furniture and fixtures that this Milan store has in stock.

– Delta-bo Project is another antique Italian store. It’s in Bologna, and has some awesome furniture and lighting.  I found it through a link on the Mauro Bolognesi site.

Paul Cocksedge @ Milan Design Week

cool lightingThis is Swell designed by Paul Cocksedge

“A small glass bubble filled with coloured liquid that reacts to the heat produced by the light bulb, when the lamp is on the colored liquid expands in its glass container completely filling it, when the lamp is off the liquid contracts again. A beautiful physics exercise applied to lighting.” –

Gummy Bears (not Italian related but amazing!)

Make something unique from those ineffecient bulbs…

Make your own

I was recently in New York enjoying the city with my sister and my mom.  I love visiting the shops to see the spectacular window and store displays, especially during Christmas.  This is a personal favorite I found in Antropologie.  I think it would have been even better if the bulbs that were wired were compact fluorescent bulbs.  It’s a great way to use those inefficient bulbs while creating a great fixture.  It could be a unique addition to any eclectic bedroom. Try making it for yourself.