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Museum Banners from the streets to your walls

BetterWall is your exclusive source for authentic street banners from museums around the world. When you buy a banner from BetterWall, you get a unique, dramatic work of art to display in your home. But, your purchase means much more! A percentage of the proceeds of every banner sold goes back to the museum. Be a part of BetterWall’s community of discriminating buyers who care about good design and supporting the arts. What could be better than that?”



Morning with a Designer:

large__22_06_2007_16_40_pinkmug.jpgPantone mugPantone mug

Pantone Color Swatch Mugs

My first piece
This is officially my first painting of something related to interiors. My last semester of design studio has really helped me improve my three dimensional drawing skills, as well as perspective sketching. This is very simple but I enjoyed applying my newly acquired techniques. I did this for a friend of mine who wanted bright colors with basic imagery. I like that it’s not too serious, just simple and little messy. I’m not a fan of painting for perfection, it’s unrealistic.
[Thanks for the support Kristin, I hope you are enjoying it]

art + stationary = happy feelings

i absolutely love writing a little encouragement for a friend or family member and sending it snail mail style. i also like to color, paint, and play around with my own style of art. I don’t claim to be the most amazing artist or graphic designer there ever was (i’m happy being an amateur), but so far the combination of the two thoughtful ideas really creates satisfaction for the giver and the receiver. you should really try it sometime. you never know, you might make someones day a little brighter.

[for my most recent letter, I combined my VincentVan Goldfish (it’s a copy trimmed to size with a fresh signature) and a piece of pretty stationary and an envelope (it doesn’t match. it coordinates).]

Photography by Amanda Eubanks


be inspired

“Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse

Check out some of Matisses’s artwork at The Museum of Modern Art.

My new favorite quote:

Photography by Christin Eubanks


My tastes are simple; I am easily satisfied with the best. –Winston Churchill

I absolutely love it… never settle.

Why be static?

A Summer Side Table

Don’t be intimidated by redecorating. Christi (my sister and roommate) and I frequently change and rearrange our decor. We leave the furniture, switch around table displays, stack our favorite books, place pillows in new directions and on different pieces, create flower arrangement updates, and stash the old to appreciate a little something new (even if nothing is ever purchased). There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting something away because it can always be reincorporated during a different season. Keep in mind that clutter, contrary to many collectors beliefs, is not better.

It really helps to break up the monotony and bore of seeing the same things in the same places day after day and season after season. After all, nature changes constantly, why shouldn’t we? Allow yourself to brainstorm by sketching different displays or just simply trying new things. Possibly try a different approach, by taking pictures of different configurations and viewing them on a sideshow on the computer to see your ideas in a new perspective allowing you to further narrow down your ideas. A second opinion may help as well. Creativity has no bounds. Enjoy yourself, this shouldn’t be stressful.

View other photos:

Making a mundane pet into a fanciful creature

Recently I have been inspired by the things that surround me the most. For instance, in our small house in Auburn, we have quite a collection of vintage books filled with artwork, animal photography, and exotic places. These books have been collected from goodwill and estate sales. My mother enjoys digging through other people’s forgotten knick-knacks and books, allowing us to profit from her attention surplus disorder (the opposite of A.D.D.). She can take all the credit for the excellent finds and price conscious buys.

Along with our books, I have also been inspired by vintage fabric patterns and color schemes as well as stationary patterns. One of my most recent paintings is a goldfish. I wanted to try something new by layering a stationary pattern behind an animal with unrealistic colors and the sparkle of gold throughout the background. Since I enjoyed doing a pen and ink of a goldfish, I chose the fish as my animal to divide across two 12×12 square canvas. The squares seam to create more visual interest with the gallery style thickness and a more modern shape compared with the typical rectangle. I wanted the fish to be over-sized, fanciful, and take up about two thirds of the entire piece. I am really happy with the outcome and I plan to design more pieces like this one.

Although it is not included in the sale gallery of my website, it is also currently for sale. Contact me for prices.