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The Most Beautiful Wedding

On July 19, 2009 my only sister was wed to Chris Patterson.  It was one of the best days of my life and it was absolutely a beautiful event.  Watch the video and check out the photography done by the very talented Doug & Amy Anderson of Daphne, AL.  AKA Studio A Photography.


Chris & Christi – July 19, 2009 from Studio A Photography on Vimeo.

studio A photography

Photography by Studio A Photography


It’s a good thing…when you can say “Whatever Martha!”

I absolutely can think of nothing better than relaxing and watching Alexis Stewart (yes, Martha’s daughter) and her friend Jennifer Koppelman Hutt commentate on Martha Stewart Living.  These ladies are “bringing their witty, irreverent, comedic points of view to life in the Fine Living Network series Whatever, Martha! Watch as Alexis and Jennifer share their unique take on some of the domestic icon’s most memorable moments from her Emmy award-winning television series, Martha Stewart Living. A combination of classic clips, original commentary, and a few unexpected surprises, Whatever, Martha! promises to shed a whole new light on the Martha Stewart you know and love.”

Watch a show now! but you might get addicted.

be inspired

“Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse

Check out some of Matisses’s artwork at The Museum of Modern Art.

Curbside Delivery:

While out for a jog with my sister, we came across an excellent find: five woven seated wooden lawn chairs (among other discarded and broken things waiting by the curb anticipating trash pick-up). There they sat, in front of a pleasantly designed bungalow duplex, and they were absolutely free for the taking. We quickly changed directions on our exercise route and headed back for the car, in order to shuttle our treasures to the house. Although we could only transport two chairs at a time, one in the front seat and another awkwardly placed in the open trunk, we successfully added a good set of well-kept chairs to our already pleasant and tiny backyard.

Photography by Amanda Eubanks

Brunch Anyone?

Photography by Amanda Eubanks

My sister and I absolutely love entertaining. We enjoy designing the table setting, preparing the menu, wearing our aprons, sharing our home, cooking our feast, and anticipating every last bite. Whoever created brunch was an absolute genius because it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy one overly delicious and large meal in place of two mediocre meals, and it’s a wonderful time to enjoy the mid day/late morning with friends. Here was our table display and food spread for our most recent gathering. We enjoyed fancy scrambled eggs, pecan waffles topped with banana pecan syrup prepared in the skillet, seasoned bacon, tossed and diced hash browns from scratch, and Bloody Marys. The table was set with mismatched napkins (purchased at a local thrift store), woven chargers, white plates, classic goblets, and fresh flowers simplistically displayed in a rectangle vase. We like to follow up our brunches with a quick team cleaning, loading of the dishes, and we then finish off everything with an extended nap.

Photography by Amanda Eubanks

Photography by Amanda Eubanks

Muffins + Coffee = Perfection

Good Morning

[Created by Christin Eubanks, my sister and room mate, and enjoyed one unforgettable Sunday morning]

The perfect greeting to a sunny morning is warm blueberry muffins and orange juice (or a mimosa) paired with steaming coffee. I enjoy the simple bundle of tiny white flowers and greenery overflowing from the silver pitcher as a center piece, along with matching antique mugs, and brown and baby blue polka dotted plates. What a pleasant surprise for an early guest or a late riser.

Photography by: Amanda Eubanks

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