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Feels good to be published…

I am  honored to be published in Auburn University’s Circle Magazine. I had three photographs from my travels abroad and five perspectives published in the Fall 2009 issue. Click below to see them all…

From Movies

Jeremy & Jon Jackson

“Jackson Artwork began in 2006 as an experiment…an attemptjackson-artwork

to seek out the beauty in everything and capture it.  To take time

to appreciate the small things and enjoy the “everyday” by

approaching life from a different perspective.”

Check out their work!

New York Christmas

I made a slide show of my trip to New York taken at the first of December with my mom.  We visited my sister and we explored the city.  It’s quite silly in some parts but it was a nice way to compile pictures for our family to watch on Christmas morning.  I used Windows Movie Maker to put everything together. Check it out.

Christi and Amanda

art + stationary = happy feelings

i absolutely love writing a little encouragement for a friend or family member and sending it snail mail style. i also like to color, paint, and play around with my own style of art. I don’t claim to be the most amazing artist or graphic designer there ever was (i’m happy being an amateur), but so far the combination of the two thoughtful ideas really creates satisfaction for the giver and the receiver. you should really try it sometime. you never know, you might make someones day a little brighter.

[for my most recent letter, I combined my VincentVan Goldfish (it’s a copy trimmed to size with a fresh signature) and a piece of pretty stationary and an envelope (it doesn’t match. it coordinates).]

Photography by Amanda Eubanks


That’s Mobile, AL?

Photography by David Rencher

While doing a little artistic brainstorming and searching online. I came across David Rencher’s personal photography website. I am absolutely blown away by his portrayal of the Gulf Coast area. Mobile is my hometown and sometimes it takes someone else’s creative eye (in this case photography) to re-appreciate things that you have seen on so many different occasions. His photography enlivens the area. Awesome compositions, subject matter, variation, use of colors, and overall design style. Thanks David, I needed that!