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“DMD Green’s new SocialCycling program delivers the social goods. The brainchild of DMD Green managing partner Jason Warnock, SocialCycling is a multistep process that takes materials that are normally near-impossible to recycle and facilitates their use in new products.” -Nicholas Tamarin — Interior Design, 11/19/2009


I heart “The first hotel with a conscious” = Good Hotel

Seeking out the “good in us all.”  Good Hotel is located in San Francisco, California.  I discovered this eco-friendly hotel while researching my senior thesis project for interior design.

The Good Hotel is a hip San Francisco hotel that practices philanthropy and believes in doing good for the planet. The eco-friendly hotel décor features reclaimed and recycled construction materials. Vending machines in the lobby are stocked with wallets made from FedEx envelopes and are one example of our inventive ideas to promote a good lifestyle. We are also as fun as we are inventive. You’ll find humorous touches like “Be Good” written on walls of your room.”

Doc1-1Not only that but I also discovered that it gets even more unique because it offers: “Good Pizza, located at the Good Hotel, has a philosophy as simple as its name: serving artisan thin-crust pizzas made with the freshest local ingredients.”

Just when you think : that’s good enough…there is more… “ Take one of our resident bicycles for a spin -they are free to use while you stay with us.”

AND you can take your best furry friend!

Find out more…the good just keeps on getting better.  So Refreshing!

Meet Felicia the Hippo

This is just a little reminder to view things through different perspectives.  Think out of the norms of everyday monotony.  Just try ok, it might make you better.

Felicia the Hippo

Jennifer Gibbs, 2005

Soft Goods, USA

Nylon fabric and filling

Made from vintage patterns, these classic animals get an updated look with kid friendly washable nylon.

Approximately 20″ in Height and 8″ wide.


“Forsake the Shore: Triton’s Dolpins”


I’m about to leave and go off on my Italian adventure, and I’ve had a few hours to spare to do artwork.  I’m entering the College of Human Science’s art competition.  Winners will have their artwork displayed in the Chigi palace (see my later blog post to read about this place, it was redone by Bernini). That’s our classroom in Italy, the new housing for students (set to open while we are there!), Auburn’s over-seas campus, and a museum.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed and it might not be what they are looking for, but it was fun to work on.  It’s a bottom view of Bernini’s Fountain of the Triton at the Piazza Barberini in Rome.  I’ll get to see it in a week, and that makes it worth my time no matter what.

imaginative art images


Charmingwall is a New York gallery specializing in a curated selection of open-edition fine art prints.  Check out these imaginative images by some awesome artists.

buying shoes = make a difference


Check out this website with cool shoes and a great cause!