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eBARRITO : A Store Made of Cardboard

Designer : Francesca Signori in Milan

“eBARRITO is a green-thinking brand that specializes in bags and leather accessories with100% Italian quality – its ecological integrity extends right through – even to how its sales outlets are built! They are made from specially carved and shaped cardboard.  The new eBARRITO stores consist of modular, double-pressed cardboard walls equipped with wavy-style shelving – an  effect achieved with interlocking tubular sections and modular lamps resembling bird-cages.

A fresh new ethical style with a strong visual impact created by the designer Francesca Signori for the Milan-based brand.

eBARRITO is full of hope for the future –  its new ethical approach and world made up of perceptions and sensations.”


View the eBarrito website. (awesome background music too…parlo l’italiano??? tutto va bene.)


SIDE HOTEL: Sensational

I’ve decided that research for my classwork and blogging has to overlap and intertwine this semester.  I’m a student in interior design working on my last year of design school at Auburn University.  We are beginning to work on our senior thesis project which is a project in conjunction with the Auburn Hotel and Conference Center here in Auburn, Alabama.  I’m doing some interiors research and there are great things going on in the hospitality industry.  It’s very exciting.

I couldn’t look past the “Side Hotel” in Hamburg, Germany.  It was completed in 2001 with Alsop Stormer as the architect and Matteo Thun as the interior designer (he’s from Milan, one of my favorite places for design research).  It is situated in an area with little personality, but as seen in these pictures, it has many pops of color and interest found throughout it’s interiors. Matteo Thun discribes his concept for this boutique hotel’s interiors:

“Every ambiance is a made-to-measure atmosphere, worlds of sensation with the highest degree of individuality.  We wanted to create a hospitality that can be experienced through all the senses.  Sensuality through pleasure for the senses.”

Check out more about the Side Hotel.

Hello to you Mr. Naked

Yes, it is more Milan Design Week stuff. Yes, I do realize that it was a while ago now, but I just keep running into great pieces (and Italy is my second home).  This one reminds me of a friend.  It has great personality.  It’s easy to ship and treads lightly on the earth too.  Way to go Outofstock at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan in April 2009!

Naked Chair A chair made of solid beech and folded sheet steel, it can be described as naked because the chair’s structural frame is revealed in the seat and backrest, flaunting its construction as its principle aesthetic. The intention was to dematerialise the chair and present it in its elemental state. The chair’s strength derives from the action-reaction forces between the folded steel sheets and beech wood frame. The Naked Chair flat packs in transportation, resulting in a low carbon foot-print.

Salone del Mobile 2009 – Dutchness

The Family of Form, the exhibition staged by Design Academy Eindhoven in Milan. This is very clean and it makes me want to sit in that chair and think the day away in solitude.  I like the thought of this being a place to escape the world around you.  It’s almost like horse blinders for humans in order to focus and put things in perspective.  Very nice.

Fields of Clover : Fine Lighting

Name: Living in Cloverlauren light

Designer: Jason Ong

Company: driadeKosmo

Why I like it: This lighting fixture is pretty, feminine, & versitile.  It can go so nicely in many different settings. It’s an Italian company.  I love Italian design. See their flagship showroom.

don’t sleep dream = bel disegno de italiano [beautiful Italian designs]


Photography by Amanda Eubanks

– “Non Dorme, Sogna” translates from Italian into English as “Don’t Sleep, Dream.” I love it! Props to Plinio il Giovane.

– If you choose to check out their blog/site. Don’t let the Italian intimidate you.  Check out pictures and if you get stumped try this.

– I like the light in the window, “Riedizione lampadari”  [Reproduction Chandeliers]. They produced this in a limited series of lamps in American pine wood, hand built by Antonio Asnaghi designed by Mauro Bolognesi.  These lamps are inspired by the Scandinavian 50’s.

– Check out Mauro Bolognesi to see other furniture and fixtures that this Milan store has in stock.

– Delta-bo Project is another antique Italian store. It’s in Bologna, and has some awesome furniture and lighting.  I found it through a link on the Mauro Bolognesi site.