Wallpaper with Style

York Wallcovering : Boxwood

Linda Barker : Tempting

Basso & Brooke : Chinoise

Graham & Brown : Birdcage

Porter Teleo : Organic Organization


2 comments so far

  1. anne on

    I found your blog by accident and love the wallpaper selections here. I wanted to use some wallpaper in an apartment I’m renovating, but common sense won out (I’m going to be renting it out, not living in it myself) so I wound up painting….but if I could have papered I would have been very tempted by the Linda Barker paper above.

    • ameubanks on

      Some wallpaper can be great and some can just be retched. Painting is much easier and I support it for renting and easy changes. I do also love the Linda Barker wallpaper. fabulous.

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