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Tree Hugger Chic Ready to Hit the Beach

“Kelly B Couture’s Valentina Bikini halter top and bottoms, with their thick green side straps, create a slimming affect and do not cut into your skin like itsy bitsy string bikinis; no muffin tops here. Made with 90% organic cotton and 10% spandex, this suit is made entirely in the USA with fair trade practices.” LOVE IT! HAPPY MEMORIAL WEEKEND!


Roberto Capucci = Designer + Italian Artist

By: Amanda Eubanks

By: Amanda Eubanks

I am inspired by the color combination, proportions, structure, & designs of Roberto Capucci.  This is a small picture collage from my visit to his museum in Florence, Italy.

Pantone Names the 2009 Color of the Year!

pantone“Meet Mimosa, Pantone’s 2009 color of the year. This year, the design industry’s authority on professional color selected number 14-0848, a warm yellow, as their annual hue, symbolizing optimism in an evolving global market. To promote the year’s new shade, Pantone has collaborated with clothing manufacturer Gap to produce a limited edition series of men’s and women’s t-shirts in varying Pantone shades.”

– via: Interior Design Designwire Weekly

Be your own fabric designer!

This is an excellent idea for those of you who are passionate about your design abilities and would like to make custom fabrics, spoonflower now makes that possible.  Here are some instructions on how to upload and purchase your designs. Check out the Fabric of the week contest.

Head-driven + Hand Printed = You know it when you see it!

Standard left-sleeveDeluxe

shirt design

“At Standard Deluxe, cool design and warm, handcrafted quality meet in a full range of silk-screened products. The artisans in our high-capacity print shop share a labor of love and a commitment to excellence…”

I personally love these affordable and quirky tees!  The posters are awesome too!  {Sweet Home} Alabama screen printing at its finest. Good people too!

Organic Textiles Inspired by Nature


Harmony Art: organic design

“Moon is a manifestation of nature at play. While hiking in the town of Annapolis, California, I noticed an old stick on the side of the path that was covered in these round fungus shapes. Immediately I knew I had the perfect inspiration for a stripe.”

Check out other patterns or solids in organic cotton.

Why Organic Cotton?

Creativity & crafts are wonderful


Don’t miss out on these glorious additions to your life! Check out Three Potato Four to buy, gift, and enjoy funky everyday items, along with some not so everyday iteams.  I love it and I’m sure you will too.  As a plus, they appreciate good design and the environment.  Very comical and creative.

“We’ve always filled our home with things we love and think beautiful stories can be told through the complimentary mix of modern and vintage objects.” -Janet Morales & Stu Eli (creaters of Three Potato Four)

buying shoes = make a difference


Check out this website with cool shoes and a great cause!


Sweet Home Alabama & There is no place like it = FINE HANDCRAFTS!

“At Alabama Chanin we create an array of limited-edition products for the individual and home. Using a mixture of new, organic and recycled materials our products are constructed with care by artisans who live and work in our local communities. All of the Alabama Chanin products lines are made-by-hand in the USA.”

Out with Chili Pepper Red and in with…the new color of 2008!

suggests dependability and magic

Pantone’s newest color of the year! Check it out. This is very exciting for all of the design world. We’ll be seeing it everywhere… or will we? You make the call. Read the article. Apparently, green has been run into the ground. David Shah, a clothing maker and a forecaster based in Amsterdam, thinks: “Color is now seen as an item of luxury.” He admits that the fashion industry may be taking a back-seat to other types of designers and their influence on seasonal color decisions, “The architects and the furniture designers are the new sexy ones.” I concur.