eBARRITO : A Store Made of Cardboard

Designer : Francesca Signori in Milan

“eBARRITO is a green-thinking brand that specializes in bags and leather accessories with100% Italian quality – its ecological integrity extends right through – even to how its sales outlets are built! They are made from specially carved and shaped cardboard.  The new eBARRITO stores consist of modular, double-pressed cardboard walls equipped with wavy-style shelving – an  effect achieved with interlocking tubular sections and modular lamps resembling bird-cages.

A fresh new ethical style with a strong visual impact created by the designer Francesca Signori for the Milan-based brand.

eBARRITO is full of hope for the future –  its new ethical approach and world made up of perceptions and sensations.”


View the eBarrito website. (awesome background music too…parlo l’italiano??? tutto va bene.)


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  1. Robyn on

    Amanda – Also check out a recent article in Metropolis that utilizes cardboard rolls (typically found at UPS, etc.) as a design and acoustical component.

  2. francescasignori on

    eBARRITO is glad to show in his stores a lamp inspired by the Peca Llum design by Caterina Moretti and Héctor Mendoza: a modular lamps resembling bird-cages. To see all the lamp collection of the Mexican designers don’t miss their show during SALONE SATELLITE in Milan, Stand D17.

  3. ameubanks on

    Thanks so much Francesca! I’ll be sure to check that out. Wish that I could make it to Milan this year. Last year I missed the show by only a few weeks.

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