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Salone del Mobile 2009 – Dutchness

The Family of Form, the exhibition staged by Design Academy Eindhoven in Milan. This is very clean and it makes me want to sit in that chair and think the day away in solitude.  I like the thought of this being a place to escape the world around you.  It’s almost like horse blinders for humans in order to focus and put things in perspective.  Very nice.


don’t sleep dream = bel disegno de italiano [beautiful Italian designs]


Photography by Amanda Eubanks

– “Non Dorme, Sogna” translates from Italian into English as “Don’t Sleep, Dream.” I love it! Props to Plinio il Giovane.

– If you choose to check out their blog/site. Don’t let the Italian intimidate you.  Check out pictures and if you get stumped try this.

– I like the light in the window, “Riedizione lampadari”  [Reproduction Chandeliers]. They produced this in a limited series of lamps in American pine wood, hand built by Antonio Asnaghi designed by Mauro Bolognesi.  These lamps are inspired by the Scandinavian 50’s.

– Check out Mauro Bolognesi to see other furniture and fixtures that this Milan store has in stock.

– Delta-bo Project is another antique Italian store. It’s in Bologna, and has some awesome furniture and lighting.  I found it through a link on the Mauro Bolognesi site.

Hand-painted Italian Pottery

Deruta Pottery Collage : Deruta, Italy : Photographs by Amanda Eubanks : Study Abroad Spring 2009

Deruta Pottery Collage

Flash Back : Design Week 2008 : I Heart the Frilly Chair

During last year’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2008 (aka Design Week), Kartell introduced this Frilly chair by Patricia Urquiola.  I love it! Spunky & Sweet

kartel chairs

Promoting Sustainable Practices + Supporting Good Design = Being Green

Excellent way to search for sustainable furnishings on line: shop sustainable

Sustainable Furnishings Council defined:

“A non-profit balanced coalition of industry players founded at High Point, NC in October 2006 to promote sustainable practices among manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike. The SFC recognizes the overwhelming scientific consensus that our world is experiencing dangerous global climate change. SFC members acknowledge the tremendous urgency, and will take immediate steps to minimize carbon emissions, waste stream pollutants, un-recyclable content and primary materials from unsustainable sources from any product platform under our control.”

SFC members will utilize Life Cycle Assessment as the best method for analyzing the environmental impact of their products, and a verifiable chain of custody as the only acceptable method for tracking wood flow.

SFC members support the triple bottom line of PEOPLE – PLANET – PROFITS and will lead the industry in developing awareness of best practices throughout their supply chains. Members will accomplish this goal by increasing their purchases from suppliers that show continual improvement toward meeting our high standards.”

Our goals are as follows:

  • To raise awareness of the sustainability issue
  • To assist companies in adopting good practices
  • To serve as an information clearing house
  • To create a symbol of assurance for consumers

It’s a good thing…when you can say “Whatever Martha!”

I absolutely can think of nothing better than relaxing and watching Alexis Stewart (yes, Martha’s daughter) and her friend Jennifer Koppelman Hutt commentate on Martha Stewart Living.  These ladies are “bringing their witty, irreverent, comedic points of view to life in the Fine Living Network series Whatever, Martha! Watch as Alexis and Jennifer share their unique take on some of the domestic icon’s most memorable moments from her Emmy award-winning television series, Martha Stewart Living. A combination of classic clips, original commentary, and a few unexpected surprises, Whatever, Martha! promises to shed a whole new light on the Martha Stewart you know and love.”

Watch a show now! but you might get addicted.

Make something unique from those ineffecient bulbs…

Make your own

I was recently in New York enjoying the city with my sister and my mom.  I love visiting the shops to see the spectacular window and store displays, especially during Christmas.  This is a personal favorite I found in Antropologie.  I think it would have been even better if the bulbs that were wired were compact fluorescent bulbs.  It’s a great way to use those inefficient bulbs while creating a great fixture.  It could be a unique addition to any eclectic bedroom. Try making it for yourself.

quote for thought:

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.” -Albert Einstein

Georgia Handcrafts

Wood Art of Glen C. Philpot

Former Boy Scout, Glen C. Philpot learned to appreciate wood from an early age. He now is owner, craftsman, and designer or his Georgia based company, Hawkrim Studios. Using salvaged and recycled Georgia trees, Glen hand turns pieces that are “full of sap and life-giving juices.” If compelled to donate a tree, he likes to give one of the resulting vessels in return. The more burled, distressed, s-curved, or freshly fallen, the better.

Creativity & crafts are wonderful


Don’t miss out on these glorious additions to your life! Check out Three Potato Four to buy, gift, and enjoy funky everyday items, along with some not so everyday iteams.  I love it and I’m sure you will too.  As a plus, they appreciate good design and the environment.  Very comical and creative.

“We’ve always filled our home with things we love and think beautiful stories can be told through the complimentary mix of modern and vintage objects.” -Janet Morales & Stu Eli (creaters of Three Potato Four)