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Design for a Dollar @ NYC design week

This is an awesome project done by Pratt Institute.  Students came up with some really cool design solutions with only a dollar for the New York City Design Week 2009.


Hand-painted Italian Pottery

Deruta Pottery Collage : Deruta, Italy : Photographs by Amanda Eubanks : Study Abroad Spring 2009

Deruta Pottery Collage

Flutes for Salutes: Let’s Toast to 2009

Toast in style with the help of  The New York Times Style Magazine

From left to right:

Felicity by William Yeoward, $152. Celeste Toasting Flutes by Ralph Lauren Home, $295 a pair. PatricianToasting a New Year! by Lobmeyr, $795 for a set of six. Halcyon by Calvin Klein Home, $50 a pair.  Library Stripe by Kate Spade, $30.

Morning with a Designer:

large__22_06_2007_16_40_pinkmug.jpgPantone mugPantone mug

Pantone Color Swatch Mugs

Georgia Handcrafts

Wood Art of Glen C. Philpot

Former Boy Scout, Glen C. Philpot learned to appreciate wood from an early age. He now is owner, craftsman, and designer or his Georgia based company, Hawkrim Studios. Using salvaged and recycled Georgia trees, Glen hand turns pieces that are “full of sap and life-giving juices.” If compelled to donate a tree, he likes to give one of the resulting vessels in return. The more burled, distressed, s-curved, or freshly fallen, the better.

Creativity & crafts are wonderful


Don’t miss out on these glorious additions to your life! Check out Three Potato Four to buy, gift, and enjoy funky everyday items, along with some not so everyday iteams.  I love it and I’m sure you will too.  As a plus, they appreciate good design and the environment.  Very comical and creative.

“We’ve always filled our home with things we love and think beautiful stories can be told through the complimentary mix of modern and vintage objects.” -Janet Morales & Stu Eli (creaters of Three Potato Four)

My Fishs Eddy Mug is Half Full!

One of my absolute favorite gifts has been a mug from my sister, who has recently moved millions of miles away for a job in NYC. [Just for the record: I am not the type of person who collects things, I like to have nice things, but I don’t advertise as having any one thing that I would consider hording into a large compilation or set. Collections for me are a burden more than a joy. I’m in college. There is no room for that.] Back to the mug, I like having a small assortment of mugs for my morning tea, afternoon coffee, or the occasional guest social visit, and then there’s the “i need to stay up all night for a project” or “the poor class that gets the shaft until the night before the test” coffee. Anyhow, I appreciate a hot beverage. My new favorite mug has an adorable wrap-around drawing of Brooklyn buildings and it has been a treat for my lips since the day I got it. Mugs (for me) are a way of appreciating the small things in life. If you need a mug, you should really check out the store where my mug was bought, it’s funky drawings are precious and it’s dish ware can make for a spunky gift anyone would love.

Check out the site: